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Introduction: The Cornerstone

The basis of Christianity is the "cornerstone," the stone rejected by the builders that has become the cornerstone--the person and ministry of Jesus Christ. To be a Christian, to be a follower of Jesus, one must first know Him, then love Him. The rest comes easily, for He says, "If you love Me you will keep my commands." Therefore, the first step in any catechesis or "religious education" is to know Him deeply and intimately. This then is the cornerstone upon which anything else is built. The General Directory for Catechesis tells us: "The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not just in touch, but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ." (GDC #80)

Therefore, the first series in my program is to get to know Jesus in various ways. There are different levels to this quest, specifically catering to a multi-year program, and one can move more deeply in it if one chooses. There are resources in the left column for leaders and seekers, and resources in the right column for creating or adding to your program, with lesson plans and other suggestions. Included also is a list with links to resources referred to in the programs, or suggested for background. More will be added as time goes on, so I invite you to return again.


session on: who do you say that I am?

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session 3:encountering God

session 4: four faces of Christ

session 5:discipleship