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Drama Ministry
Christmas Programs

Christmas Programs are a favorite part of the Christmas season, and that doesn't stop when people grow to be adolescents and young adults.

Below are links to some of our favorite programs and scripts.



Passion Plays

Below you will find links to some of our plays, and to the gallery of our photos and video clips.

The annual Passion Plays have been an important way of making the season our own, of living the Gospels, of feeling into the characters, and of teaching so much more--the meaning of the Seder, the symbolism, the Cross.

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One of the most fun and yet deeply moving ways of learning Scripture and the issues that spring forth from it is through drama ministry. Throughout the year we create "skits" of Gospels, Old Testament stories, moral lessons and so on. But usually at least twice a year we would put on a Christmas Play and a Passion Play. By the end of the Passion Play, the participants knew the Gospels by heart, and not only BY heart by IN heart. By acting out the Passion, it becomes not only part of the early Christian's experience, but part of their experience.

Materials available:
  • scripts of passion plays
  • passion play bilingual
  • stage directions
  • props list
  • fliers examples
  • cast list
  • other support materials